About dolphin therapy center

All over the world, dolphin therapy is an effective, widely used method of treating various diseases in people of all ages. This form of animal-assisted therapy is also effective in rehabilitation of children with various developmental and psycho-emotional disorders. Dolphins are very sensitive and amiable animals. When playing with them, a child establishes special contact helping accelerate development of thinking and the process of mastering new skills; stabilize emotional state; improve coordination of movements; relieve pain in the child’s body.

Nemo Dolphin Therapy Center Theodosia was opened 6 years ago. This is a state-of-the-art institution, where specialists work according to a unique, original methodology with individual approach to every guest based on the specifics of his illness.

Nemo Dolphin Therapy Center is renowned for not only competent specialists and effectiveness of treatment procedures but also for its location right almost on the Black Sea coast: all you have to do is to cross the road, and you will find yourself on the seashore. Next to our center are inexpensive hotels and pensions. If necessary, we always help our guests find the most convenient and comfortable accommodation.

Our center has all conditions for an effective and comfortable treatment. You can take a rehabilitation course with dolphins regardless of weather or season: dolphinarium in Theodosia is open all year round. In wintertime, sessions are held indoors in warm conditions to provide comfort for both children and animals, and in summer, the dolphinarium’s outdoor swimming pool allows you to do your sessions in open air.

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